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A Taste of Summer- Sassy Strawberry Lemonade

Everybody loves strawberry time. Its truly one of the first true signs of summer! The smell of fresh strawberries brings a smile to my face!! On memorial day, my husband Mark and daughter Caitlyn ventured slightly east on Long Island to the Garden of Eve Organic farm.

We bought four empty pints and headed to the strawberry patch! The strawberries were ripe and abundant. After that we enjoyed playtime in their children’s play area and looked longingly at all the amazing plants they had for sale.

After the hours of enjoyment, I couldn’t wait to get home to make something and after a hot day in the patch there was nothing better to be had then a glass of ice cold lemonade!

I don’t know about you but I don’t enjoy my lemonade sickeningly sweet so this is a refreshing child friendly version of a summer classic

1 cup of finely diced strawberries with 2 tbsp of sugar added
1 quart of water
6-8 tbsp of sugar
1 cup of lemon juice

1) Finely dice strawberries and add the 2 tbsp of sugar to them. Let them sit to draw the juices out of the strawberries
2) Mix the strawberries, lemon and water to make the lemonade. It is best left to sit for 1-2 hours to let the flavor develop or overnight
3) Serve over ice or well chilled!




A Shopping Guide to Sheep and Wool Festivals

It’s that time of year again, sheep and wool festivals galore! Maryland sheep and wool and New Hampshire Sheep and wool have come and gone already. This weekend on Long Island, we will be hosting the Long Island Sheep and Wool festival in Riverhead, NY at the Hallockville Museum.

So what is a crocheter suppose to do? Shop till you drop of course!

The crocheter will be exposed to so many great new ideas, yarns and projects it is pure sensory overload.

So here are my tips:
1) Try to have a project in mind that you are shopping for.
– I sometimes even bring patterns to match the yarn

2) Bring a good camera to take pictures of inspiring items

3) Try to bring cash as many vendors are unable to process credit cards

4) Wear clothing appropriate to the weather

5) Don really comfy shoes to make all that walking more pleasurable!

6) Bring a yarn estimator with you so that when you find a yarn you fall in love with you can buy how much you think for a project.
– A crochet project takes approximately 30 percent more yarn on projects when compared to knitting!
– Yarn market has a great app for the IPhone!
7) Check the Websites and appropriate social media sites for your favorite vendors as they may be running show specials!
– Green Mountain Spinnery had various trivia contests at Maryland Sheep and wool! Great idea guys!

8) Always good to have a portable project with you that you can conveniently hook while you wait!

9) Bring some great snacks as shopping always makes me hungry and who really wants to stop for food when you can be hunting out the greatest yarn!

10) Water and hand sanitizer need I say more!

Enjoy and I would love to hear about your experiences! Comment and be entered for this weeks blog giveaway!



Snow Day Italian Wedding Soup

Long Island has been blanketed with a fresh “dusting” of 15 inches or so of snow. I unlike most other Long Islanders absolutely love snow !!! I think it’s God’s way of saying shhhhh rest ! I love to cook on snow days as well as knit. On our last snow day I made a big huge batch of Italian Wedding soup. Here is the recipe from my kitchen to yours! Enjoy !
Italian wedding soup
• Olive oil for soup pot
• 1 medium onion finely diced
• a bit of kosher salt for the onions to taste
• 1 lb lean ground turkey
• 1 large egg
• ¾ cup maybe more bread crumbs
• 2 14 oz containers of turkey broth or chicken broth
• 1 10 oz container of fresh spinach

1) Grab your favorite soup pot out of your pan closet. Set on stovetop with your range set to medium heat
2) Dice onion to desired size ( I like my onions in my soup really really small) add to soup pot and sweat for 10 or so minutes. Onions should be translucent and not turn brown.
3) Meanwhile, in a mixing bowl mix together turkey, bread crumbs and egg. This mixture is a bit sticky but the consistency comes out great later. If you would like a stiffer meatball just add more breadcrumbs.
4) Add broth to onions, bring to a simmer and add meatballs. Cook without stirring for 5 minutes or until meatballs float. Add Israeli couscous at this time.
5) Let soup continue to cook for a couple minutes approx 7-10 minutes
6) Add spinach. It will look like a lot but will cook down fast.
7) Serve and enjoy ! Its delicious!

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