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A Green Mountain Easter

This time of the year, the sap is usually flowing in the state of Vermont. The spring is characterized by warm days and cold nights which makes for some good sugaring. This year unfortunately the sap stopped running early and so I was not able to boil with my favorite sugar maker himself Lyman Churchill.

However for Easter we were able to participate in sugar on snow. For me this is the fourth time ever for Cait it was her first. It’s a very unique experience and if you can find a place to do it …. It’s well worth your while! ( btw Morse’s Sugar Farm in Montpelier VT serves it on Saturday’s through April from 12-4)

Here are the instructions on how to do it from true Vermonters, Eva Bapp, Quint Bapp and Rhoda Bedell.

2 quarts of grade b amber fresh maple syrup

Heat in pot to medium heat, bring to a boil. Reduce heat so it just simmers take a spoon after about 20 minutes and pour syrup back in pot until it makes a thread or use a candy thermometer until it reads 230 degrees farenheit. Pour a little bit of time to form little threads over a pan of frozen snow. If you want it for Easter it’s important to plan ahead to have it available especially because this winter was warm. This recipe is for a large crowd but with the leftovers you can make maple butters and candies as well. I hope you enjoy and happy eating!!!









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