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Quick and Easy Meal Trader Joes Style

The other day I went to make dinner and realized I only had like half of one meal and half of another. Trader Joes turkey burgers and stuff for Korean sticky rice and kimchi. All I wanted to go with my rice was trader joes Gyoza chicken pot stickers and all I had was dipping sauce.

So then it clicked, take the dipping sauce and brush it over the turkey burgers! Perfect!!!! Quick Easy and delicious !

Turkey Burgers from Trader Joes
Trader Joes Gyoza dipping sauce
Asian Sticky Rice
Your favorite kimchi ( I get it at the farmers market)

1) Grill burgers when you do the first flip brush the burgers with the dipping sauce

2) Serve with rice and Kimchi . Enjoy



A Taste of Summer- Sassy Strawberry Lemonade

Everybody loves strawberry time. Its truly one of the first true signs of summer! The smell of fresh strawberries brings a smile to my face!! On memorial day, my husband Mark and daughter Caitlyn ventured slightly east on Long Island to the Garden of Eve Organic farm.

We bought four empty pints and headed to the strawberry patch! The strawberries were ripe and abundant. After that we enjoyed playtime in their children’s play area and looked longingly at all the amazing plants they had for sale.

After the hours of enjoyment, I couldn’t wait to get home to make something and after a hot day in the patch there was nothing better to be had then a glass of ice cold lemonade!

I don’t know about you but I don’t enjoy my lemonade sickeningly sweet so this is a refreshing child friendly version of a summer classic

1 cup of finely diced strawberries with 2 tbsp of sugar added
1 quart of water
6-8 tbsp of sugar
1 cup of lemon juice

1) Finely dice strawberries and add the 2 tbsp of sugar to them. Let them sit to draw the juices out of the strawberries
2) Mix the strawberries, lemon and water to make the lemonade. It is best left to sit for 1-2 hours to let the flavor develop or overnight
3) Serve over ice or well chilled!



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